A Brief History of South Eastern Produce

South EasternProduce was formed in 2005 to bring together professional onion growers to supply to supermarket customers.

Originally focused on J. Sainsburys our customer profile is now more widespread.

We brought together leading onion growers over a wide geographical area and range of soils from the Cambridgeshire Fens, to the Bedfordshire greens and ridge land to Essex and Kent loam soils. 
This gives us a range of land type and ability to grow the full range of allium crops – red and brown onions, Eschalions and shallots.
The group has focused on quality from the establishment of crops to harvesting equipment and the latest storage to provide crops over an extended season, thereby replacing imports. The group continues to innovate on allium crops and to bring in new crop cultivation, harvesting and storage techniques. We recognised that the group should look to widen it's cropping range.
Salad production commenced soon after our formation. Sadly the pressure on this sector means that now the group has a smaller salad operation. We are looking at supplying niche markets with high quality produce using minimal pesticides.

A Quote from Our Chairman Robert Brown

"Working with professional like minded growers in a highly competitive market has been a pleasure. 
I have been continually impressed by the commitment to the industry and our member’s ability to meet the challenges that have faced us over the past 10 years.
We will continue to work together on new innovations and develop our crop production, harvesting techniques, storage and grading operations.
I believe that the future will provide us with exciting new opportunities."

South Eastern Produce