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Alastair Findlays Sweet Red Onions

After 20 years of personally tasting & evaluating over 400 bulbs/year Alastair Findlay, in partnership with Bedfordshire Growers Ltd, is pleased to unveil a totally new onion hybrid: The Sweet Red Onion, its exclusive characteristics include:
No Tears!
Milder than conventional red onion (under 5ug/mol pyruvate)
Sweeter (higher sugars)
Crunchier and juicier (specially bred for taste)
No bitter flavours & kinder to digestion
No strong aftertaste & no bad breath

In February 2015 the product was released in UK via AsdaSupermarket (part of the Walmart Family)

UK and World media response to release phenomenal (over 70 news websites) including:
The Daily Telegraph [UK] (10/02/15) (including an editorial feature) 
The Daily Mail [UK] (09/02/15)
ABC News [USA] (10/05/15)
Fox News [USA] (10/05/15) 
Time Magazine [USA] (10/05/15) 
China Daily News [China] (11/02/15)
Zee News [India] (12/02/15)

Television & Radio coverage including:

UK BBC News (19/02/15)
UK ITV's 'Lorraine' Breakfast Programme (11/05/15)
USA Fox Business News (11/02/15)
UK Smooth Radio "Kate Garraway Morning Show" (11/02/15)

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